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Project What?

It's the bomb, spelled with an N!

Bomns, as a concept, is simple. It's a game. You can drop bomns (which are remarkably similar to bombs). You try to kill other entities. Most current Bomns games are simplistic: two (or up to four) players play in a deathmatch to see who can survive the most bomn blasts (some games also let you kill other players by running into them). But I can assure you, simplistic does not equal boring. Bomns, if played correctly, will have you viciously pounding your keyboard, trying to evade opponents' explosive fury while collecting valuable powerups. It's addictive.

Check out the sourceforge project side of things: bomns.

Existing Bomns Games

The dates signify the latest file release for each game.

3rd Party Bomns Games

I didn't write these; I don't maintain them. But here they are!


2012 Nov. 10: Abandon Ship!

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of DXBomns, I've been (slowly) working on a new jam titled Bomns3 lately. Also, I will probably never update this webpage again; I'm done with sourceforge (it's been real!).

2005 Jun. 10: A Game Called Bomns Written for the Express Purpose of Being Suited for Playability in the Linux Environment

Keith, in his ownitude, has just released a SPANKING new version of Bomns for Linux. If it wasn't before, BfL is most certainly now on par with DXBomns. Plus, he released a version for Windows! Take THAT, Bill Gates!


For a good laugh, read some old notes about Bomns.

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